• Sikorsky SharesTM is the only helicopter fractional program backed by the aircraft manufacturer. Sikorsky's fractional shares ownership program is clearly the most economical way to own a Sikorsky S-76® helicopter. Learn more

  • The AAG® Excalibur Card™ provides pre-purchase of incremental units of flight time. This means no capital investment and only paying for the flight time that you will need. Learn more

  • AAG® Charter is the ideal way to meet your travel needs safely, securely and reliably. Our 25-year record of incomparable service assures your business and personal travel will be efficient and effortless. Learn more

  • AAG® is the industry's most experienced and trusted aircraft management team. We've been bringing the benefits of professional aircraft management to individuals and corporations for more than two decades. Learn more

  • From routine maintenance to complete refurbishment, AAG® quality and reliability is unsurpassed. AAG has earned the highest FAA rating for each of its services. Learn more

About AAG®

AAG delivers a broad range of aviation solutions to New York (NYC) and the Northeast, from private helicopter charter to fractional shares, aircraft management, and maintenance. More

Why We're Different

Associated Aircraft Group is fundamentally different from our major competitors and it is these differences that make it possible for us to deliver safety, reliability, and VIP Platinum Solutions like no one else. More

Our Aircraft

S-76 helicopter
Learn more about our aircraft
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