Sikorsky S76 Helicopter

Sikorsky S76 Helicopter - Largest Fleet in NYC

Two pilots, two engines, IFR capabilities, AAG guarantees the safest ride.

Every flight AAG makes is on a Sikorsky, the most-trusted name in helicopters. Since introducing the world’s first practical helicopter in 1939, Sikorsky has been the industry leader in safety, innovation and excellence. The Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter, the longest running VIP helicopter in the market, is used by more Fortune 100 companies than all other executive helicopters combined.

All helicopters aren’t equal. The S-76 is the premium standard of luxury.

Leaders around the world depend on the Sikorsky S-76 executive helicopter as the ultimate transportation tool. More than 170+ customers operate S-76 helicopters in a Corporate or VIP role and 10 countries rely on the S-76 for the Head of State mission.

The S-76 fleet’s legacy has more than 40 years and 7.4 million hours of safe flight and is committed to supporting the platform and to continuous product improvements.

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Sikorsky Helicopter Charter by the Experts

For more than 30 years, we’ve operated Sikorsky helicopter charter flights throughout New York and the region. Utilizing the northeast’s largest fleet of Sikorsky S-76 Helicopters means we’re able to get clients to their destinations quicker. Each of our two-pilot helicopters are kept in top condition by our Sikorsky-backed repair and maintenance facility. You’ll fly the youngest fleet of aircraft in the charter market.

Executive Class Treatment

  • Luxurious quiet cabin, free from outside noise
  • More available space per passenger provides comfort
  • Noise cocoon around the cabin allowing easy communication
  • Passenger headsets aren’t required
  • Extensive range of 300 miles

Fly in the same executive helicopter used by heads of state around the world.